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As a trusted advisor and reliable partner, as a system integrator, service provider and a product vendor, Siemens offers energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure. With our people, our global footprint, our decades of experience and our technical expertise, it's our passion helping you to create the perfect place – your perfect place.

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Welcome to our virtual exhibition – Innovations in building technology

Use the buttons "Building and room automation", "Fire safety and security", "Applications for HVAC OEMs" and "Digital Services and Software" to pre-select the content according to your interest. Please make sure to watch the video introduction under "Innovations in building technology - intro message". We wish you a great virtual exhibition experience!

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white paper smart buildings

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

Technology enabling data capture and analysis, connectivity, monitoring and control is becoming the new baseline for smart buildings of tomorrow. Understanding what it is and where it’s headed is critical. This you will find in this white paper.

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